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Note: the following list does not include external libraries. Addresses are only correct for Switch 1.5.0.
Note: the following list does not include external libraries.

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Note: the following list does not include external libraries.

Name Official name Init (Switch 1.5.0) Description
Account No 0000007100D0D958 -
ActorCaptureMgr No 00000071007C0F60 Development tool. See ActorCapture
ActorCreator Yes 00000071011DBAE4 Constructs and initialises actors
ActorDebug No 0000007100D255F0 Debug tool.
ActorFactory Yes 00000071006CB940 Holds a function pointer to the function that constructs a C++ actor by name.
ActorHeapUtil Yes 0000007100897748 -
ActorInfoData No 0000007100D2E16C Utilities for querying actor info using ActorInfo.product.byml, without having to load actors
ActorParam No 000000710116804C Loads actor parameter files (such as ActorLink, AIProgram, etc.) Used by ActorCreator.
ActorPreLoadMgr No 0000007100D585C4 -
ActorSystem No 0000007100D5D144 -
ActorTemplate No 000000710108A0A0 Utilities for querying data from Actor/ActorTemplate.byml
AIClassDef No 00000071011DF82C Utilities for querying data from AIDef_Game.product.byml
AmiiboMgr No 00000071006488A8 Handles amiibo functionality
AnimSequence No 0000007101163CE8 -
aoc2 Yes 0000007100D6CDA4 Handles DLC1 additions (such as Master Mode)
aoc3 Yes 000000710067F1C4 Handles DLC2 additions
aocManager No 0000007100D69170 Manages AoC related flags, add-on content resource loading and packs
ASSetting No 00000071012F33D4 -
Attention No 0000007100D73AA0 -
AutoDim No 00000071010B6878 -
AutoGenFrameworkA Yes 000000710127C120 Debug only
AutoGenFrameworkB Yes 000000710127C244 Debug only
AutoPlacementFlowMgr No 0000007100651F94 Runs event flow files to determine which actors to spawn on the map dynamically
AutoPlacementMgr No 00000071006546FC Dynamically spawns actors on the map depending on complex conditions (areas, terrain, event flows, custom logic).
Awareness No 0000007100D79324 -
BaseProcMgr No 00000071011BD0CC Unknown what this does exactly, but it is a critical part of the actor system
Camera No 0000007100D8C324 -
CameraEditor No 00000071010BA244 -
Chemical No 0000007100D99240 -
Chmres Yes 0000007100D97D74 -
Controller No 0000007100D9E964 -
CookingMgr No 000000710089FFC8 Determines which cook item should be returned for a given set of ingredients.
CreatePlayerEquipActorMgr No 0000007100665E1C -
CreatePlayerTrashActorMgr No 0000007100667494 -
CurrentResNameMgr No 00000071010B77A0 Debug tool; unused in release builds.
DamageInfoMgr No 000000710067170C Unknown, initialised from GameScene code. Stores plenty of BaseProcLinks.
DebugFinder No 000000710124A564 Debug tool.
DebugInput No 0000007101266FD8 Debug tool.
DragonChallengeMgr No 00000071006F9594 [DLC2] -
DropMgr Yes 0000007100D2B7C8 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code. Responsible for spawning actor drops when they die
DungeonPackMgr No 00000071008A559C Handles dungeon pack loading when changing stages.
E3Mgr No 00000071008A5E04 Handles E3 demo mode (time limit). Stubbed in release builds.
Ecosystem No 0000007100E4174C Handles map areas, climates, auto placement parameters, difficulty scaling, etc.
Effect No 00000071011B3FB0 -
EffectInfoData No 0000007101270A54 Utilities for querying data from EffectInfo.byml
EventActorMgr Yes 00000071008AA614 Has to do with events and Demo_Talk actions
EventInfoData No 0000007100DAEE4C Utilities for querying data from EventInfo.product.byml
EventMgr No 0000007100DAF3D8 Manages all in-game events (event flows, demos, etc.)
EventMgr1 Yes 0000007100E48658 -
EventMgrMiniGame Yes 0000007100E493F0 -
FadeProgress Yes 00000071007CBA28 Initialised from GameScene code - Updates the progress gauge on the loading screen ("Fade").
GameConfig No 00000071008BBA94 Holds game configuration setting values, which are hardcoded in release builds.
GameDataMgr No 0000007100DCE964 Manages game data flags
GameScene No 0x71007D1DD8 Handles the main loop and stages
GameSceneSubsys12 Yes 00000071006623F0 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code
GameSceneSubsys13 Yes 00000071008A52E0 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code
GameSceneSubsys14 Yes 0000007100903598 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code
GameSceneSubsys15 Yes 000000710089469C Unknown, initialised from GameScene code. Related to sound/BGM.
GameSceneSubsys2 Yes 00000071007A5CA8 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code
GameSceneSubsys4 Yes 000000710066A204 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code
GameSceneSubsys5 Yes 00000071009052FC Unknown, initialised from GameScene code
GameSceneSubsys7 Yes 00000071007D32E8 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code. Related to Tera system (responsible for creating TeraSystem and loading the TSCB).
GameSceneSubsys8 Yes 0000007100E4D770 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code
GameTool No 0000007100EDB87C Debug tool.
GlobalMessage No 00000071011F4BF0 -
GlobalParameter No 0000007100E4D064 Loads the GlobalParameter parameters
Graphics No 0000007100F2A1D0 -
HavokAI No 0000007100F80B20 -
HavokWorkerMgr No 00000071011F9C78 -
Hio No 000000710121367C Link between the game and the HostIO (development) system. Stubbed in release builds.
HorseMgr Yes 0000007100E81FB0 Handles horse registrations and status (?)
IceBlockMgr Yes 000000710066E984 -
InitResourceReload No 0000007100F3CE9C Debug tool.
KingEditor No 000000710122DD70 Debug tool (?)
LastBossMgr Yes 00000071006776D4 -
LayoutResourceMgr No 00000071010A2520 Manages layout (= UI) related resources, such as message archives, fonts, etc.
LODMgr No 000000710125184C Level of detail manager?
LowPrioThreadMgr No 000000710127A524 -
MaskController Yes 00000071008BC0D8 (name is only a guess) Holds a copy of controller input state. Used by AI system code (in particular AIDef:Action/WaitForFrame, AIDef:Action/WaitForKeyInput and AIDef:Query/KeyInputCheck.
MCMgr No 0000007100DCB390 -
MemoryProfiler No 00000071010B7D18 Debug tool.
MessageCapture No 00000071010B7E74 Debug tool.
ModelCreator No 0000007100F4C63C -
ModelPicker No 00000071010B7F9C Debug tool.
ModelResourceDivide No 0000007100D3C978 -
MotorcycleMgr Yes 00000071006783F4 Manages the Master Cycle Zero.
MoviePlayer No 00000071010B9934 -
NavMeshSystem No 0000007100E8E850 -
NFP No 0000007100F45988 NFC services, used by AmiiboMgr
nxargs No 0000007100901BA4 [Switch] Holds launch parameters (retrieved with nn::oe::TryPopLaunchParameter)
OnUiActorMgr No 00000071009065B0 -
OverlayArenaSystem No 0000007100FDE3E8 Memory utilities, used by ResourceMgr.
Patrol No 00000071010B9EF0 Development
PauseMenuDataMgr No 000000710096B1CC -
PhysicsMemSys Yes 0000007101213FF0 Manages memory and custom Havok classes for the Havok library.
PlacementMgr No 00000071011E451C Reads map unit (mubin) files and spawns actors
PlayerInfo Yes 0000007100854298 Holds information about the player (position, heart, stamina, etc.)
PlayReport No 0000007100FD381C Handles play reports, i.e. telemetry data
PosTrackerUploader No 0000007100A8BC8C Uploads position tracker data (i.e. Hero's Path data). See Telemetry.
QuestMgr No 0000007100FD5770 Holds information about game quests and steps. Interacts with GameDataMgr.
RadarMgr No 000000710067B9C0 -
Reaction No 0000007100EC0138 -
Resetter Yes 00000071007D20A0 Initialised from GameScene code - Handles game system resets.
ResidentActorMgr No 000000710090E0A0 Creates and manages actors that are always kept in memory such as GameROMPlayer
ResourceMgrTask No 0000007100ECA468 Manages game resources (loading, unloading, caching, defragmenting, etc.). See also Resource system.
ResourceSystem No 0000007100ECA468 See Resource system.
Revision No 00000071010BA104 Holds information about the game version and source revision. Unused in release builds.
Rumble No 0000007100897B74 -
RuneMgr Yes 0000007100674F78 Initialised from GameScene code. Related to Sheikah Slate functionality (spawning bombs, scope, runes).
SaveMgr No 0000007100E03214 Loads game data into GameDataMgr or writes it to saves.
SaveSystem Yes 000000710090EE60 -
SceneMgr No 0000007100896254 -
Sound No 00000071011FA364 -
SoundInfoData No 000000710103D5F8 Utilities for querying data from SoundInfo.byml
SoundResource No 00000071011FA604 -
StagePreActorCache No 0000007100ED912C -
StarterPackMgr No 0000007100EDAA98 Handles pack loading (AocMainField, Bootup, Title, TitleBG, lang packs) during early initialisation or stage changes
StasisMgr Yes 000000710067F3A8 Unknown, initialised from GameScene code. Handles Stasis effects (vector arrow, sound, etc.) and more
StatisticsMgr No 0000007100E31D1C Manages access to precomputed map statistics (stored in Game/Stats)
Terminal No 000000710109CC44 Debug tool?
Terrain No 000000710114961C -
TipsMgr No 000000710091DDD4 Manages loading screen tips (resources, executing event flows)
UI No 00000071010A5714 -
uiManager No 0000007100A6E038 -
VFR No 00000071011C0D38 -
Vibration No 00000071010BAEB4 -
VideoRecorder No 00000071010BA7EC Leftover development tool that writes screen captures to %s/%04d.tga (?)
WildHorseMgr Yes 0000007100E8C1F4 -
WolfLinkMgr Yes 00000071006828A8 Handles Wolf Link related tasks
WorkerSupportThreadMgr No 0000007100DCDFB0 -
WorldMgr No 00000071010F2920 Manages world state (time, blood moons, climates, weather, etc.)
XLink No 000000710123DE44 Wrapper around the xlink2 library (EffectLink and SoundLink)
XLinkInfoData No 0000007101239668 Utilities for querying data from XLinkInfo.byml