DropTable (bdrop) configures item drops for each actor.

Format AAMP
Version 0
Type xml
This article is about the structure in general. For actual values, check the GameROM or the pseudo-source.

Parameter objects


Key Type Description
TableNum int Number of tables
Table%02d str64 Name of the drop table


Key Type Description
ColumnNum int Number of items
RepeatNumMin int Min number of items that can be dropped (抽選回数最小)
RepeatNumMax int Max number of items that can be dropped (抽選回数最大)
ApproachType int Drop position and pose (姿勢).
  • 0: random
  • 1: use the position of the source actor
  • 2: random? [check]
OccurrenceSpeedType int Drop velocity type (発生速度).
ItemName%02d str64 Name of the actor that can be dropped
ItemProbability%02d float Drop probability (0.0 to 100.0)

Note: the sum of all ItemProbabilities should be equal to 100.0, otherwise sometimes no items will be dropped.

Table names

Table name Description
Normal Used when no other table's conditions are met
Normal2 Used at same time as Normal
Normal3 ...
Normal4 ...
FireArrow If enemy is using fire arrows
FireArrow2 ...
FireArrow3 ...
FireArrow4 ...
IceArrow If enemy is using ice arrows
IceArrow2 ...
IceArrow3 ...
IceArrow4 ...
ElectricArrow If enemy is using shock arrows
ElectricArrow2 ...
ElectricArrow3 ...
ElectricArrow4 ...
BombArrow_A If enemy is using bomb arrows
BombArrow_A2 ...
BombArrow_A3 ...
BombArrow_A4 ...

Normal Drops

Table name Description
Normal Actor dies via normal means.
Iced Actor dies whilst frozen.
Electronic Actor dies whilst electrocuted.
Burnout Actor dies whilst on fire.
Boiled Actor dies when in hot water.