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| 4 || ?
| 4 || ?
| 8 || ?
| 8 || DisableNoDeathDamage. Disables [[no death damage]], aka one-hit kill protection.
| 10 || ?
| 10 || ?

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Official name No
Description Handles DLC1 additions (such as Master Mode)
Init function Switch 1.5.0: 0000007100D6CDA4
Wii U 1.5.0: 031696E4
Debug only No


Unless otherwise indicated, all of the names below are unofficial.

Value (hex) Description
1 IsLastPlayHardMode. Set when the last playthrough is a Master Mode save.
2 NerfCooking. Causes the health restoring effects of cooked food to be half as strong.
4 ?
8 DisableNoDeathDamage. Disables no death damage, aka one-hit kill protection.
10 ?
20 EnableLifeRegen. Enables health regeneration for enemies.
40 RandomizeGuardianChargeBeam[check]. Enables random Guardian beam charge times (AIDef:Action/GuardianChargeBeam).
80 ApplyDamageMultiplier. Causes nonzero damage dealt to Link in some cases to be set to max(int(damage * 1.5), 2)[1]

The conditions[2] are:

  • Attacker has the IsMasterModeDamageMultiplierActor tag (DLC2 boss, his weapons and attacks), or
  • Player is in a Test of Strength shrine (Dungeon07* or Dungeon08* or Dungeon135) and attacker has the AncientGuardTarget tag (guardians, blights and their weapons and attacks, Ganon beam), or
  • Attacker profile is LastBoss or SiteBoss, or
  • Attacker is Enemy_GanonBeast, GanonShockWave, EnemyGanonShockWave, GanonSeaOfFlame, GanonFlameBall, GanonPillarOfFlame, GanonNormalArrow, GanonSpearForThrowing, CurseGanonBeam, GanonBeam, GanonIceBullet, GanonThunder, GanonIronPile, GanonTornado, GanonBeastBeam, SiteBossSeaOfFlame, SiteBossSeaOfFlameRotate, SiteBossFlameBall, SiteBossBigFlameBall, SiteBossPillarOfFlame, SiteBossWearFlame, SiteBossDrawingFlameTornado, SiteBossGaleArrow, SiteBossNormalArrow, SiteBossSpearForThrowing, SiteBossReflectArrow, ArrowRainChild, SiteBossSpearIceBullet, SiteBossTornado, LastBossThunder, Enemy_Assassin_Senior, AssassinRockBall, AssassinIronBall
100 EnableShorterEnemyNotice. Enables reduced enemy notice times.
  1. 0x7100D6ED54 [nx-1.5.0 executable]
  2. 0x7100D6D540 [nx-1.5.0 executable]